About Us

A nonprofit organization, The Digital Dollar Project was created to encourage public discussion on the potential advantages and challenges of a U.S. CBDC — or a “digital dollar.” Through research and pilot programs, the DDP explores options for a CBDC solution to help enhance monetary policy effectiveness and financial stability; provide needed scalability, security and privacy in retail, wholesale and international payments; and integrate with existing financial infrastructures, including U.S. Federal Reserve-related projects.

DDP views the infrastructure underpinning the U.S. dollar as a critically important public good and believes that upgrading this infrastructure will provide current and future generations enhanced flexibility, optionality, stability, and prosperity. As such, DDP work is conducted in a highly collaborative and open-source manner.

The Opportunity

Our team has a start-up mentality. We take smart risks, solve important problems, and adapt and iterate quickly. We are looking for someone who is passionate about technology and finance, the end-user experience, and has a background in managing complex projects. We are a small team that is made stronger through diversity and collaboration.

Open Positions

Technical Product Manager

Executive Assistant

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