Advisory Group

The Digital Dollar Project has formed an Advisory Group to enlist the participation of individual economists, business leaders, technologists, innovators, lawyers, academics, consumer advocacy and human rights experts, and ethicists.  The Advisory Group will explore design options and approaches for creating a digital dollar through a deliberative process, including stakeholder meetings, roundtable discussions, and open forums.

Project Advisors

Valerie Abend

Usman Ahmed

Joe Allegro

Sharon Bowen

Chris Brummer

R. Martin Chavez

Kelvin Chen

Jonah Crane

Elizabeth Gray

Michael Greenwald

Catherine Gu

Jim Harper

Tom Jessop

Jodie Kelley

David Kretz

Kabir Kumar

Alan Lane

Sigal Mandelker

Rob Massey

Erin McCourt

Mathew Mcdermott

Jesse McWaters

Tim Morrison

Tayo Oviosu

Rob Palatnick

Noah Perlman

Mike Piwowar

Nasreen Quibria

Sandra Ro

Tony Sayegh

Cuy Sheffield

Larry Tabb

Jennifer Tescher

Sheila Warren

John Whelan

Don Wilson

Mark Young

Tom Zschach

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