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The Digital Dollar Project (DDP) was established to drive the public discussion of the merits of a tokenized Central Bank Digital Currency. A 3rd form of a United States dollar or, what is alternatively called the “Digital Dollar.” DDP is a non-profit organization that seeks to advance the public interest by future-proofing the dollar for consumers and institutions across both domestic and global economies.

Given the US dollar status as the world’s reserve currency and the ongoing exploration of CBDC by other national governments, DDP sees piloting a US digital dollar across a range of use cases as a critical and prudent initiative for the United States. We view the fundamental infrastructure underpinning the US dollar as a critically important public good and believe that upgrading this infrastructure will provide current and future generations enhanced flexibility, optionality, and stability.

DDP’s ecosystem includes private sector thought leaders, academics, and non-profits/NGOs who share in the belief that there is value in exploring the thesis that a tokenized US dollar will provide societal and economic benefits . We also recognize a CBDC is not a panacea and will clearly identify the challenges and the merits of alternative models. At present, DDP’s “champion” model is a tokenized form of the US dollar that:

  • operates alongside existing monies
  • is primarily distributed through the existing two-tiered architecture of commercial banks and regulated money transmitters
  • is recorded on new transactional infrastructure, potentially informed by distributed ledger technology

By engaging and gathering empirical evidence, DDP Participants may be able to influence US CBDC design and policy decisions as well as gain valuable tokenized payments experience through hands-on pilot work.

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Get involved today and support the mission of DDP as we set out to explore the future of US CBDC by informing the public sector, gathering empirical data, advancing standards, and publishing results leading with open source and accessibility standards.

  • Get hands-on experience transacting with and integrating token payment systems to better understand how new payment relations may impact per transaction PL, operations, fee structure, efficiencies, and business models.
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  • Access to industry-specific virtual and in-person events
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