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The Digital Dollar Project is a neutral, non-profit forum focused on exploring digital innovation in money and preserving the role of the U.S. Dollar in a world of decentralized and centralized sovereign and non-sovereign digital currency networks. The Digital Dollar Project believes that the U.S. should only consider issuing a digital dollar once key design elements are properly understood and democratically resolved relating to privacy, security, distribution, and economic stability. The Digital Dollar Project encourages the U.S. to assert principled leadership in research, experimentation at home, and digital currency standard setting abroad that is consistent with U.S. norms, values, and rule of law.

“It’s clear that the global economy in the twenty-first century will encompass a spectrum of both sovereign and non-sovereign digital currencies. The Digital Dollar Project encourages the U.S. to assert principled leadership at home and abroad in order to embed democratic principles and protections in rapidly developing global payments systems.” 

J. Chris Giancarlo, former chairman of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission and co-founder of the Digital Dollar Foundation

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