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The Digital Dollar Project is a neutral, non-profit forum focused on exploring digital money innovations and preserving the role of the US Dollar in a world of decentralized and centralized sovereign and non-sovereign digital currency networks.

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By Jennifer Lassiter and Katherine Haar /// Jan. 31, 2024

In 2023, the Digital Dollar Project hosted a first-of-its-kind global convening, "Exploring Central Bank Digital Currency: Evaluating Challenges & Developing International Standards," spearheading principle-driven research and fostering in-depth public discourse on the future of digital monetary innovations. Heading into 2024, the Digital Dollar Project summarizes the discussions and puts those words into action...



Fortune /// Jan. 25, 2024

Today, a new phase is at hand, an Internet of value, payments, and money itself. The choice is clear: Lead, follow, or get left behind.

Cointelegraph /// Jan. 25, 2024

Central bank digital currencies are becoming more politicized globally, “but in the U.S. they seem to be ‘hyper-politicized.’”

Coindesk /// Apr 27, 2023

Whether or not the U.S. adopts a digital dollar, American citizens and American multinational corporations are going to be dealing with CBDCs in the years to come. Barring the U.S. from CBDC exploration will neither hinder nor stop the global deployment of CBDCs.

“It’s clear that the global economy in the twenty-first century will encompass a spectrum of both sovereign and non-sovereign digital currencies. The Digital Dollar Project encourages the U.S. to assert principled leadership at home and abroad in order to embed democratic principles and protections in rapidly developing global payments systems.”

J. Christopher Giancarlo, Former Chairman of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading
Commission and Co-Founder of the Digital Dollar Project

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